Wednesday, 14 December 2011



today is a good day, we are now on ASOS marketplace! happy days for the thriftettes!

Here we will be selling all our lovely vintage and MADE by the thriftettes clothing, new items will be added daily and we will also be posting a blog on there as well as this one. Think you all should bookmark our boutique now...... :)

Check out our boutique here - Thriftette Boutique

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sheffield Vintage Fair yay!

Vintage Fair with Judy's affordable vintage fair in Sheffield City Hall, was a long drive (that we have to do again this saturday to Sheffield AGAIN!) but was a fun day, had this funky dancefloor next to us and when the DJ started playing some funky tunes it was tempting to get up and dance, if only to entice people to our stall!  As you can see we have our new dripping logo bags up for sale now and this coming saturday will have loads more lovely tops and dresses from our MADE by the thriftettes range YAY!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Screen Printing!

So these are our screenprints that we did onto jersey tops that we had made the day before! Here it shows the stages we went through to make the stencil and the different stages of printing! It was a fun but long day of waiting for things to dry, doing it wrong, doing it again and then more waiting! But overall we were really happy with what we produced and as you can see in the earlier post, they looked great on our stall. So tempting to steal one for ourselves....

Manchester Town Hall

These are a few pics of our fair we did with Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair on Sunday. It was a long day , we were there till 8 so plenty of buyers! The German market was on outside and it was one of those cosy days where we were glad to be inside on a wintery November sunday! Apart from the fact that we had to listen to the Madonna greatest hits for over 8 hours, we had a fun day selling our newly screen printed t-shirts. Loads of interest which was great and as you can see they look amazing!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Wildchild Media

So at our Leeds Corn Exchange fair on Saturday we had our photo taken by WildChild Media, they were taking street style photographs for promotion. They also took photos of all the other stallholders but thought i would post this so you know who we are! Lucie on the right and Grace on the left. Go the thriftettes!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

MADE by the thriftettes

So here is a peek at our new range 'MADE by the thriftettes'

We already had a few pieces on our stall at Leeds Corn Exchange and they sold really well, then we met Lily Vintage at the New Cavern Emporium in Manchester and she is setting up shop and asked if we wanted to sell there too! So we have been busy all day making up these beauties! They will be for sale at our fairs over the next couple of months as well so watch out!